Press Release

Polly Howard,
Little Kids,
02 9765 4321

Include Me! app. launched to help special kids.

At Little Kids, we believe in helping all children develop and grow in their early years to prepare for school. Include Me! a new app is here to help kids with disabilities be included in fun activities from birthday parties to playgroups, music classes and sporting clubs.

Select answers to three simple questions, and the app. finds tips and advice on the best ways to include these kids. It creates a report that can be printed or shared with others, all for free.

Polly Howard, CEO of Little Kids said, ‘Children with disabilities are amongst the most excluded in our society, but they don’t have to be.’ She added, ‘In a few seconds, Include Me! can give you a whole stack of tips and advice so you can better include children with disabilities in your activity or venue.’ A mother of a child with autism said that he ‘finds it hard to interact with other children straight away. His behaviour can sometimes be off-putting for teachers, other parents and people involved with him because they don’t understand him. Now that I have the Include Me! app I can get advice and tips to help my son, …… so he can join in like other children and nobody feels uncomfortable.’ Anna Sorkin, a therapist from Little Kids, added, ‘We’ve made sure that it’s easy to use, quick and best of all-free! Download it from our website today’.

Little Kids, is based in the Blue Mountains. It has been growing and delivering specialist services for young children for 25 years. Their philosophy is to create an inclusive society for all and help the community better support children from zero to five years old.